Global Community

We Believe We Are 1

1 unified global community. 1 shared belief system that with strength, resilience and breath we can achieve optimal lifeforce. 1WRKOUT was born online connecting humans around the world.

We are 1WRKOUT. The FIRST online global brigade that achieves both physical and mental strength. How many borders will you cross today (in just 30 minutes)…

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We Provide a Human Connection

These days human connection is more vital than ever. We are connected as a global community in both our work and social lives. So why not our workouts and wellness? As the world changes faster than it spins on its axis, so does our knowledge and hunger for new ways to train our body and mind. What if we told you you can maximize your time in training and results whilst at the same time making connections in Brazil or sharing your life with like minded individuals across the pond in London. Well, you can.

1WRKOUT is a revolutionary 30 minute LIVE online workout
that doesn’t sacrifice the community feel of an in-person experience


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